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What Our Customers Say

Kathryn Kuehn

These cookies were absolutely amazing! We ordered these for my daughter’s graduation party. Not only does Penny create intricate designs, but the flavor is incredible. People were taking the cookies so quickly that I had to hide some for us to eat after the party. I highly recommend Penny!

Ryan Goings

My wife orders all her cookies from penny! She always exceeds our expectations and each cookie turns out perfect! We always no matter how many times people have had the cookies get complements on how delicious they are! Penny will forever be our cookie lady!

Bruce Springsteen

ORDER THEM!!   These cookies are phenomenal, literally the best and most creative cookies I've ever seen or eaten.  She was great and easy to communicate with. Worth every penny!!!  No pun intended.

The Perfect Gift

Everyone loves getting a cookie as a gift. There’s something about the delicious, sweet taste that is universally loved by all people. Cookies always make someone happy.

Made To Order

When you order my cookies you will get freshly baked and packaged just for you. I plan out each and every order with attention to every detail that will be specific to your theme.

I am obsessed with making cookies. I put my dedication to my cookie art into each order.

Each order is a " Custom" order. Design and personalized specific to your theme or logo.

The perfect gift for any holiday or event because honestly, who doesn't love cookies?!

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